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black and white photo of woman with long dark hair wearing white sheer dress suspended in water
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I’m awakened by the sounds of creaking wood and straining rope — constant protests to the unsteady pitch and roll of the darkness.

Dizzy and disoriented, I take a breath, trying to dispel the nausea.

But the air is laced with the pungent smell of damp rot, and its raw bite forces me to shallow my breathing.

Staring into the darkness, I…

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I was in Ft. Lauderdale last year, enjoying the beach and playing the part of a wide-eyed tourist on vacation. I drive down about four times a year, and stay for as long as it takes to recharge and give my brain an opportunity to develop new story ideas.

I decided to have lunch at one of the sidewalk cafés on A1A.


girl with brown hair reading book at table surrounded by two stacks of hardcover books
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“Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance.” — Lauri Anderson

When does being sensitive to the ever-changing standards of polite society cross the line into censorship?

As writers, that question is becoming more relevant — and dangerous

Back in 2012, I submitted a fictional satire to my publisher as part of a collection of short stories and…

girl with dark hair wearing black and white polka dot dress laying in field of flowers and grass
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They’re the treasures of summers past.

Picnics by the lake, family vacations, fireworks on the fourth, and cookouts on the beach — all staples of the season.

As I sift through the summer touchstones of my youth, I find most of my recollections have been tempered by time — the details faded with age. And yet…


woman with eyes closed holding red rose close to her face
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I receive a lot of emails, comments, and reviews about my stories, and I’m always grateful for feedback — especially from readers who purchased one of my books and took the time to share their thoughts.

Occasionally, I’ll read a comment expressing a sense of disappointment when a particular story…

smiling girl with long hair wearing sunglasses laying in the middle of the road with hands behind her head
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I’m often asked what advice I can offer to aspiring writers in the process of creating a book. Typically, their dream is to become a published author and they’re often overwhelmed with questions about formatting, editing, marketing, and sales distribution platforms.

Having published seven books and endured the process, here…


rear view of girl with blonde hair standing on boulder looking out over flowing river and forest
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As a writer, I’ve received lots of feedback and comments through the years. Some notes were positive, thoughtful, and supportive. Others, cautiously neutral. And a few were downright scathing.

One of the books that generated a large amount of email is The Possibilities of Amy. Right after its release, I…

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